A Review of Creative Communities: Art Works in Economic Development


  • Mark A. Hager Arizona State University


Every cited volume has a creation story. According to the foreword and editor Michael Rushton's introductory chapter, Creative Communities owes its origins to interest within the National Endowment for the Art (NEA) to bolster research and theory on the economic value of arts and culture and its value to local communities. This led to a May 2012 Brookings Institution symposium, and ultimately to this compendium of chapters. So, to some extent, this edited volume aggregates people who were at the right place at the right time, raised their hands, and were able to put their foot forward.

Author Biography

Mark A. Hager, Arizona State University

Mark A. Hager is an associate professor in the School of Community Resources and Development at Arizona State University, where he is co-director of graduate studies in nonprofit leadership and management. He is editor-in-chief of Nonprofit Management & Leadership.

Hager joined the faculty at ASU in 2008. Before moving to Phoenix, he was a senior research associate in the Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy at the Urban Institute, a Washington D.C. think tank.

His research includes studies of the scope, dimensions, administration, and financial operations of and reporting by nonprofit organizations. Hager earned his doctorate in organizational sociology at the University of Minnesota with a study of the causes of nonprofit organization closure.

Hager is a faculty affiliate of the ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation and the ASU Center for Organization Research and Design (CORD). He is a member of the graduate faculty in the School of Community Resources and Development, the School of Social Work and the sociology programs in the School of Social and Family Dynamics in the Watt's College of Public Service and Community Solutions.




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