Creativities, Innovation, and Networks in Garage Punk Rock

A Case Study of the Eruptörs


  • Gareth Dylan Smith Institute of Contemporary Music Performance
  • Alex Gillett The York Management School, University of York


The two authors are members of punk rock trio the Eruptörs. Both also teach in higher education – one in popular music, and the other in management and marketing. Writing from experience in the Eruptörs, we present a case study of the band, and draw on theoretical perspectives from our respective, intersecting fields to explore the Eruptörs' entrepreneurship, collaborations, networks, and creativities in the “DIY” underground punk rock scene. The paper provides cross-disciplinary insights into internal and external cultures of the Eruptörs. Proposing this as a teaching case, the authors conclude that students, scholars, and practitioners in music education, popular music studies, and related disciplines and fields involving entrepreneurship could benefit from engaging in reflexive and entrepreneurial practice which explores and incorporates ideas, models, and syntheses discussed in this paper.

Author Biographies

Gareth Dylan Smith, Institute of Contemporary Music Performance

Gareth Dylan Smith is a British drummer, writer, editor, professor and mentor based in New York, New York, USA.

Alex Gillett, The York Management School, University of York

Dr Alex G. Gillett is Lecturer in Marketing at The York Management School, University of York. His research interests are relatively broad, but much of his work has focussed on organizational networks, relationships and interaction. As well as studying contemporary contexts, Dr Gillett has a keen interest in management/business history, and is a founding member of the Management and Business History Special Interest Group of the British Academy of Management.

Alex's recently published research includes a study (co-authored with Dr Kevin D. Tennent) of the planning, delivery, and legacy of the 1966 soccer world cup. This work contributed to an exhibition held jointly by the National Football Museum (NFM) and the English Football Association (FA), which involved simultaneous exhibits at the NFM in Manchester and also the FA's 'home' of Wembley Stadium, London.

Alex co-edits and contributes articles to the blog ‘Soccer Mad Boffins’.

Alex's skills as a researcher and interest in organisational, project, and marketing collaborations and relationships has led him to study a broad range of sector, industry and market contexts. A full list of publications and research activity can be found on the University of York's Research database.




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Smith, G., & Gillett, A. (2015). Creativities, Innovation, and Networks in Garage Punk Rock: A Case Study of the Eruptörs. Artivate: A Journal of Entrepreneurship in the Arts, 4(1), 9–24. Retrieved from