Infusing Entrepreneurship within Non-business Discipline

Preparing Artists and Others for Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship


  • Joseph S. Roberts Webster Universtiy


The demand for interdisciplinary and cross campus courses has increased substantially over the past few years resulting in increased program offerings and modifications to existing coursework in universities across the nation. This is very clearly evident in the arts realm. However, there is no clear agreement of knowledge, skills and abilities deemed important to the success of selfemployed artists and arts entrepreneurs. This essay presents qualitative data collected from personal conversations and other data collected over the past several years from students and faculty members engaged in lessons learned from The Coleman Foundation Faculty Fellows Program, a national initiative of The Coleman Foundation. Building upon the lessons learned from this initiative a framework is presented to embed entrepreneurship content across several arts subjects. Suggestions for conceiving and designing entrepreneurship course content are portrayed. The “modules” approach to the infusion of entrepreneurship within the arts and other disciplines are presented. Assessment methods to measure the impact of using such modules to infuse entrepreneurship are explained. Pedagogical constructs and pedagogical resources are presented. The implications for future research are postulated and suggested.

Author Biography

Joseph S. Roberts, Webster Universtiy

Dr. Joe Roberts received his PhD from University of Chicago. He is Chair of The Management Department and also serves as Director of The Entrepreneurship Program. He is The National Program Director of The Coleman Foundation Faculty Fellows Program. He won an award for the 2012 Peter Drucker Challenge. His work includes presenting entrepreneurship and innovation workshops and seminars in China, Taiwan, Russia, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Estonia, Finland and India. He has authored several articles and won the Telly and Aegis Awards for the documentary "Entrepreneurship, Then and Now." Dr. Joe Roberts works as an entrepreneurship consultant and has extensive experience helping entrepreneurs procure start-up funding.




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